Whether it's bridal accessories, gifts for the bridal party, jewlery for the mothers or decor at the reception, we will create custom pieces for your special day or help you make them yourselves!

Crysal Lace Necklace in whilte by Paula Binner
Crystal Lace Necklace in Mocha by Paula Binner
Crystal and Squares Bracelet pink hang Paula Binner
Crystal Lace ensemble in purple by Paula Binner
Crystal Lace Braclet in purple by Paula Binner
Crystal Crss stitch Bracelet in purple
Crystal Delight Bracelet blk& grey
Crystal Lace Necklace purples by Paula Binner_edited.JPG
Crystal Tennic Bracelet in pink by Paula Binner
Double Tennis Bracelet peach hang Paula Binner
Shaggy Spike Bracelet white hang_edited.JPG
Simple Spiral Necklace purple and white
Simple Spiral Necklace rose and white
BE Rachel's purse back
BE Rachels purse front
Vintage Netting copper cheryl erickson
Vintage Netted Necklace
Super D necklace
shaggy spike bracelet white.JPG
St Pete wSD rnd pink
Shaggy Spike Bracelet in white and pastel
Delica Houndstooth Necklace
Netting with daggers in pink
Just for fun
Crystal Spiral - aqua
Necklace & Earrings
Crystal Ladder Bracleet in blue by Linda Hamm
Crystal lace Necklace in teal and purple by Paula Binner
Crystal Lace Bracelet in rosecpr Paula Binner
Cry Delight rose, indicolite, purple
Crystal delight Bracleet blak and grey rnd
Chevron wSD hang x3
Chevron wSD hang red 3
Beaded Crosstitch Bracelet Iris and gold Cheryl Erickson