African Helix with SuperDuos #197


We are continuing to work with the African Helix stitch.  In this project we are using our favorite 2 hole bead, the SuperDuo. It is amazing that adding this bead really changes the focus of the project from the spines to the SuperDuo.  It looks like dashes twisting down the bracelet.  It really turned out looking great.  Surprisingly this project is much more supple than some other African Helix projects.  Because of this it would make a great bracelet or necklace.   I have tried several other 2 hole beads and I really liked the Super Duos best.  We will talk about what didn’t work and why in class but for now I will ask no substitutions in this class, let’s work with it this way. Maybe we can explore other options late.  Come join us for this fun variation. 


Material list:


11o seed beads in 2 colors


SuperDuos – approx. 10 grams

Clasp or button for closure 

FireLine - 6# smoke or black satin

#10 beading needle


Hints for selecting beads for learning. 

When you are learning a new stitch, and especially if you are a new beader, certain colors and styles work best.  It is best to choose opaque, solid colors with lots of contrast.  Super shiny finishes like many of the metallics and most of the silver lined beads are the hardest to work with as each individual bead and hole is hard to see. Always a large contrast in color is great, dark grey and white is wonderful but not necessary. (Often black is not the easiest choice as the holes can be hard to see as well.)


I also recommend using smoke or black satin FireLine and never more than six feet at a time.  It is much easier to see and work with as you begin.  You can move to crystal FireLine when you are ready for a challenge. I know it may not be the perfect color combination for your project but it is best to learn this way, then once you can see and visualize what you wish to achieve you can choose any color combination.


At $10 for a two hour session this is the best deal in town! 


African Helix with SuperDuos #197

MON     7/24     5-7 pm    $10+

FRI        7/28     2-4 pm     $10+

FRI        7/28     6-8 pm     $10+

***note time change.  We are not offering this class on Saturday as we have the mini retreat ornament class that morning so we added an evening class that will hopefully work for most people.

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