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Basic Earring 


WIRE Basic Earring (basic wire wrapping)

This class is a must for anyone starting to work with wire.  You will learn to make a perfect wire wrap and start all your wire work the proper way.  You will design and make five pairs of earrings to take home with you.  You can't learn these proper techniques from a magazine.


WR Basic Earring 


Basic Jewelry Construction


BEAD Basic Jewelry Construction (Crimping)

If you have ever had problems with crimping or if you are just smashing your crimps with a chain nose pliers you really need to take this class.  Everything you ever wanted to know about crimping and things you didn't know you didn't know.  This class is a must for new beaders and a great review for everyone. 


BD Basic Jewelry Cons

Bead Around a Cabochon with Right Angle Weave


BEAD a Cabochon - Peyote

Make a very unique pendant using a cabochon or a larger flat bead and peyote stitch.  In the class you will learn to make a peyote band to encase your cabochon or bead.  This is a great way to showcase those great cabochons you never knew what to do with. 



BD a Cabochon - RAW

Bead Embroidery Cuff or Pendant 


FIBER ARTS Bead Embroidery Cuff or Pendant

In this class you will start a project, either a cuff or a pendant. You will start by attaching a cabochon to a special bead backing and bead around it.  We will then try several bead embellishment techniques. We will discuss finishing techniques and you will be able to schedule further class sessions of desired. After this class you will understand and beable to work with the basic bead embroidery techniques.


FA Bead Emb Cuff/Pend


Bonus Bracelet


BEAD Bonus Bracelet

This is a great delicate bracelet.  It uses very fun beads, Rullas, 2mm rounds, and 3mm fire polished.  Make a center base and embellish the sides.  It works up fast and looks great. Appropriate for beginners.


BD Bonus Bracelet

Button Necklace


FIBER ARTS Button Collage Necklace

This necklace class has a unique style in this fun and easy to personalize project.  Bring your own special buttons or select from our large bin of old buttons. 


FA Button Necklace


Criss Cross Lace Bracelet

BEAD Criss Cross Lace Bracelet 

Make this very fun project using two hole lentils, pearls and other fun beads.  Make a criss cross pattern that is very delicate and lacey.  This pattern works us fast and looks great.  


BD Criss Cross Lace Br

Dazzling Crystal Bead
Small and Medium Size


BEAD Dazzling Crystal Beads small & medium

Make these fun beaded beads using Swarovski crystal bicones. They make great focal beads and spacer beads. You will make at least one medium and one small bead in this class.  Then you will want to go home and make lots more for a complete necklace or ensemble.


BD Daz Cry Bd sm&md

Dazzling Crystal Bead
Large Size


BEAD Dazzling Crystal Beads large*

This larger focal bead is a definite show stopper.  This one will take some concentration skills to make. Because of this there is a prerequisite:  you must have taken either the Dazzling Diamonds Bracelet, the Dazzling Crystal Beads, small and med, or have a very good understanding of right angle weave.  


BD Daz Cry Bead lg

Dazzling Diamonds Bracelet


BEAD Dazzling Diamonds Bracelet

This is a great pattern using single needle right angle weave.  Everything is beautiful when you use Swarovski crystals but this is exceptional with great color combinations.  Once you know this project you may be able to design your own patterns using this technique.  


BD Dazz Diamonds Br

Embellished Blossoms Bracelet


BEAD Embellished Blossoms Bracelet

This is a very popular bracelet in our blossom series.  It uses the 2H Lentils, 2H Super Duos, the O Beads, 8 mm pearls and some small crystal rondels.   This is a very fun and easy project. Appropriate for everyone!   


BD Embel Blossoms Br

Fan and Square Necklace


BEAD Fan and Square Necklace

This "Egyptian" style necklace has been very popular in the Stitch Study series that we are now offering it as a class.  Use many sizes of squares to make this unique look fan type necklace.  Very fun and very unique looks with color selections.


BD Fan and Square Ne

Fun & Funky Charm Bracelet


WIRE Fun and Funky Charm Bracelet*

Take your wire working to the next step. If you have taken Basic Earrings, this is the next level. You'll learn to make several different types of charms which can be made into a bracelet, necklace, or earrings. The class will teach you most of the basic wire forming techniques, and your imagination can do the rest.


WR Fun & Funky Chrm


Half Dutch Spiral Bracelet


BEAD Half Dutch Spiral Bracelet

Learn this unique diagonal peyote design.  It makes a very complicated looking project but really is so easy to do.  The great appearance of this project is made with four different sized beads.  The color combinations are endless.



BD Half Dutch Spiral Br

Herringbone Triangle Rope


BEAD Herringbone Triangular Rope Br

This stitch is an African weaving technique also know as Ndebele. It works up very fast because you add two beads on every stitch. You can add accent beads periodically or leave it plain.  This has a uniquely textured surface that can be dressed up or down depending on the beads you use.


BD Herringbone Tri Rp

Herringbone Twist Bracelet


BEAD Herringbone Twist Bracelet

Herringbone spirals are so fun and look so great.  This one is unique because it uses peanuts in the pattern.  Enjoy learning this technique and creating your own variations.   



BD Herringbone Twist Br

Hex and Pearls Bracelet


BEAD Hex and Pearls Bracelet

Using Right Angle Weave make this great bracelet using 8m pearls and lots of fun small slice type beads including hematite slices and O beads.  The slice beads make a nice frame around the large pearls.  A very fun technique.


BD Hex and Pearls Br

Saturn Rings Necklace


BEAD Saturn Rings Necklace

Using a chain for the base, make brick stitch rings to create a colorful and fashionable necklace. Fast, fun and so easy!


BD Saturn Rings Neck

Super Duo Chevron


This is a fun and super easy chevron pattern using the Super Duo beads.  It has a lacey and delicate look.  Great fast project perfect for gifts or for yourself.  

Super Duo Russian Chain


BEAD Super Duo Russian Chain 

This is a fun, fast and easy delicate but textured chain that uses Super Duos.  It is very similar to the St. Petersburg chain.  Enjoy the color combinations available using the Super Duos.


BD Super Duo Russian 

Twist Puzzle Chain


BEAD Twist Puzzle Chain

Use some great two hole beads, Super Duos, Lentils and Rullas or Triangles and connect them in a very unique way to create a heavy textured bangle style bracelet .  Make this one with a clasp or without. 


BD Twist Puzzle Chain

Winter Sweater Bracelet


BEAD Winter Sweater Bracelet

This project looks like a cable knit with yarn but it is really beads.  Learn this fun technique using Super Duos, 2H Lentils, O beads and crystals.  Make a unique clasp that matches the bracelet perfectly.


BD Winter Sweater Br

Winter Sweater Necklace


BEAD Winter Sweater Necklace

This project is perfect for the cold weather.  While it truly is not warm and cozy, it looks like it is.  Use very fun beads, Super Duos, O beads, Diamonds and others.  It is a great pattern for a wonderful wintery project.


BD Winter Sweater Ne