Sell your leftover beads, and Buy someone else's treasures.


Saturday, January 20, 2018, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


TO SELL: Bring in your leftover and extra beads you never plan to use.


Package everything as you would for a garage or tag sale.  Put all items in zip lock bags so there are no spillage problems.  Tubes should be taped closed.


Just some tips on packaging: try not to sell 1 bead for .05, put several in a bag for 1.00 or more.  Bead mixes have sold the best in the past of just about everything.  People love to dig through their bead mix purchases and see what treasures they received.  One idea to save a ton of time is to package multiple bags at the same price. 

Example: take all your glass beads and put them in mixes and bag them in bags worth $1.50.  Then you can have many bags with the same inventory number and price. 


The inventory sheet looks like this:

Item Number: #1 

Qty: 23(number of bags at the same price- 1.50)

Price: $1.50

Desc: Glass bead mix

Descriptions on tags can be more specific to help your sales if you desire, such as sterling instead of plate, Swarovski instead of other crystals – only if you know for sure.  


Remember to price item at garage sale prices.  This is not to say high ticket items will not go.  Last year many items over $20 sold but they were $80-120 strands so people know when they are getting a deal.  


Each item should have approx a 1" x 1" colored paper tag well taped to the bag or tube, so it won't fall off, but can be removed and put in your envelope when sold. It works best if the tape overlap two side and not two side – attached over top by ½”, over whole tag and attached over bottom by ½”.  But not over the sides so we can grab it off easy. Please no staples.

Tags should have your name, price to be sold, an inventory item number, and a description if needed, 


We will allow any bead related items, but please check first if the item is questionable.


An Inventory Sheet should be sent to via Excel. Artistic Bead will keep 15% commission from the proceeds of your sold items.  We will keep 20% if you need to use a hardcopy inventory sheet instead of an Excel spreadsheet emailed.  The inventory sheet should include:

your name, inventory item number, price and a brief and simple description of each item. I have sheets made I can send.  


Collection will start Thursday, 1/11/18 to Thursday 1/18/18 at 6:00 PM.


You will be able to pick up your unsold items and checks starting on Wednesday 1/24/18.


Please feel free to contact the store if you have any questions.




Artistic Bead Staff


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