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About Us

Cheryl Erickson


Cheryl Erickson is a professional bead artist and bead instructor whose work has won awards and has been featured in books and magazines.  Cheryl has taught for over 20 years at shows – including the Bead & Button Show, stores, and bead societies across the country. Cheryl is also on Facebook, Pinterest and has an Etsy store.  Cheryl manages a website - that features kits and instructions to share her passion of teaching beadweaving.  


Cheryl taught herself how to bead on a loom when she was a child and never looked back.  While her true love is seed beads, the seemingly never-ending supply of new styles, shapes, colors, and textures of beads has opened so many new avenues of designing that is more fun, challenging and interesting. The future of seed beads and related beads looks bright and promises to continue to reach new horizons.